Quick Sketches


Today was a day for quick sketches. Once again, I turned to my favorite model: my lovely wife! She sat on the couch singing songs with friends on the Smule app, so I took advantage of her relative stillness to capture some quick likenesses!

This first one was intended more as a gesture sketch than something really representative. I liked the way the hand turned out, but, as you can see, I overworked the arm.

I drew these sketches using a number 9 Pigma Sensei marker, so there was no erasing here!


This second image is a little more representative of her likeness, but I was still going for a gestural style. I overworked most of it again, but it was fun to originally catch her eyes in one stroke. (Before I overworked it!) I’m getting the feel for this gestural thing, but it does take some practice!


I’m not sure if you can make this one out. This is NOT a picture of my wife! This is a quick sketch of our dog, Sophie. Sophie likes to hide in a pillow/nest-like bed with a blanket over her head. I tried a couple of plain gesture drawings to capture the way she curls up in this bed, but this is more representational of her head poking out of the top of her bed.

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