About R.L. Sewell


R.L. Sewell looking all gangstah-like

Hi. My name is Ray. I like to draw, paint, color, design, read, write, play, pray, laugh, walk, talk and eat. (Not necessarily in that order and never all at the same time.)

Thank you for visiting my blog and spending a little bit of your time browsing through the pictures!

I hope you will enjoy my drawings and, perhaps, learn a little something from my descriptions. Either way, I really hope some of them give you a sense of wonder or make you laugh.

If you do like one or two, please let me know! Fill out one of the comment forms at the bottom of each post. I’ll get an email notification that you posted and I’ll get online and reply. (I love it when I receive one of those email notifications that someone new has posted a comment. So, don’t be shy. Introduce yourself! I’ll be glad you did!)

I recently published the second book in the Two Young Captains series and just got it into a wonderful indy bookstore in Plainville, Mass called “An Unlikely Story.” You can buy the book there and on Amazon. So, what are you waiting for? GO GET IT!

This is my signature symbol. It is a stylized “R” in the way I used to do it when I was first learning to write. I like the fact that it has a circle, triangle and rectangle in it. It feels very basic and yet interesting:


Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me. I will most likely love telling you!

All the best,